Meticulous Diagnostician Turned Premier Aesthetic Doctor

Meet Dr. Jean Rhee, MD—an exceptional aesthetic physician passionate about delivering the most luxurious and personalized service.

He is the Founder and Korean aesthetic physician of Jean Rhee MD Aesthetics Clinic, a practice that set the precedence of Asian cosmetic medicine in New York City. Dr. Rhee's medical career as a meticulous and trusted diagnostician in internal medicine lasted until 2013, an experience that formed a solid foundation for his future concentration as a cosmetic doctor.

With over a decade of cosmetic medicine experience, he boasts the following impressive credentials:

  • Well-rounded in both dermatologic and surgical aesthetics
  • Administers over 2,500 vials of BOTOX annually
  • Performed over 2,000 cases of non-surgical face lifting, PDO rhinoplasty, liposuction and fat transplant (facial, BBL, breast), and hair transplant

His precise attention to detail and profound appreciation for beauty ensures that every procedure produces a natural look that harmonizes with your unique qualities.

Mastering the Science of Beauty with Innovative Technology

What sets Dr. Rhee apart from fellow cosmetic surgeons is that he was personally trained by a South Korean celebrity plastic surgeon and Assistant Professor at Yonsei University, Dr. J. Lee. Additionally, he continues to frequent South Korean aesthetic conferences to learn the most up-to-date cosmetic technologies.

Dr. Rhee utilizes advanced technologies and strategies to achieve exceptional patient outcomes. One of his pioneering methods is using sophisticated ultrasound technology in liposuction procedures, which breaks down fat cells and allows for easier bodily extraction. This approach reduces inflammation and bruising, producing shorter recovery times and a beautifully sculpted appearance. Additionally, Dr. Rhee is an expert in non-surgical anti-aging treatments, including Dermal Fillers, BOTOX, and Laser Treatments, which he customizes to each patient's unique needs. His extensive experience in reducing wrinkles and lines, lifting sagging skin, and eliminating pigmentation issues ensures remarkable results.

Furthermore, Dr. Rhee is highly skilled in hair transplantation, using advanced technology to transfer hair follicles from one area of the body to another, resulting in a natural-looking head of hair that lasts for years. Integrating cutting-edge technology and techniques has made him an ideal choice for anyone seeking life-changing results.

Elevating Beauty Beyond Skin Deep Dr. Rhee's Vision for Transformative Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Rhee's vision is to promote K-beauty standards in the American market since South Korea sets the gold standard for many cosmetic procedures. By bringing revolutionary methods and practices from South Korea, he furthers his philosophy and vision for transformative aesthetic medicine. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Rhee is deeply committed to creating a warm, caring environment that nurtures his patients throughout their journey. He views his role as a trusted advisor and partner, providing guidance and support as they explore the possibilities of aesthetic medicine. Dr. Rhee's philosophy as a cosmetic physician surgeon is rooted in his dedication to helping people achieve their fullest potential. He believes that beauty is far more than surface-level appearances and that his patients' ultimate goal is to live life to the fullest, with confidence and self-assurance. With his unparalleled expertise, dedication, and compassionate approach, Dr. Rhee is changing the face of aesthetic medicine for the better.

Doctor credentials
Doctor credentials
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